Migrating Outlook calendars to Mac iCal

The first attempt to migrate data from my old Outlook configuration to Mac failed. I was too impatient and simply tried to export data from Outlook (File -> Import and Export… -> Export to a file) in one of the Comma Separated Values formats presented, just to later import the files on Mac. Neither Calendar nor Address Book did not understand the CSV files properly, and failed with various and strange error messages.

For the second attempt I decided to concentrate on Calendar and be more diligent. So I discovered that the preferred calendar transfer format is the iCalendar format (.ics), apparently well supported by both Microsoft and Apple.

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DVD Ripping to MPEG-4 with subtitles: Mission Impossible?!

After ripping my CD library and seeing the advantages of managing the entire library from iTunes, I was asking myself why Apple does not provide a similar solution for ripping DVDs, blaming mostly the large movie publishers for not allowing this due to the copyright issues.

Well, if legal and political reasons might not allow a large company like Apple to implement DVD conversion to iTunes, I thought than hackers will certainly find a way to circumvent all these problems and provide a solution.

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Migrating the router from Linksys to Apple AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule

One more step on my adventure of switching to Apple products was the replacement of the old Linksys WRT54G (v2.2, running Tomato 1.21) to a brand new Apple Time Capsule 1T (model: mc343z/a).

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