Adding a Logitech webcam to my Mac

Since my experience with Macs is improving steadily, I decided to go further and migrate my Skype account from Windows to my Mac Mini.

For this I needed a good microphone and eventually a Web camera. After a short research, I ordered the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac.

Why this camera?

Support for UVC (USB Video Class) is already present in Mac OS X, so any standard camera should work on Mac without any special drivers.

However, good cameras have special features, like autofocus, RightLight, etc, that are not supported by UVC and require special drivers. To avoid mistakes, I asked Google, who referred me to Mac Webcams That *JUST WORK!*.

And so I discovered this nice camera, that Logitech designed especially for Macs. More than this, I found it recommended by Apple in its Apple Store.

Installing and using the camera

According to the accompanying manual, installing this camera was as simple as plugging it in the USB port. Since nothing bad happened,  I started iChat and… surprise! The camera was already there and working!

Since my interest in using iChat is somewhere between low and null, I shortly closed iChat. According to advices found on the net, I disconnected the camera, opened Skype and replugged the camera (probably useless in recent Mac OS X versions). The camera was immediately identified and activated in Skype. The embedded microphone was also identified and activated. I called the Skype Test Account (echo123) and everything was fine.

Initially I had some fears that the camera will not work with my Mini; some old posts claimed that this camera was not properly supported by the initial Snow Leopard version, but it seems that the problems were solved by the later updates.



This camera seems a great addition to any Mac without an integrated iSight camera.

  • the image quality is great (the lens are Carl Zeiss!)
  • the autofocus seems to work properly
  • light adjustment is automatic
  • microphone sound is good
  • integration with Mac OS X is as advertised
  • I had no problems to make it work with Skype


Probably right for a high end webcam, the only thing I can imagine here is the price (about 90 EUR), a bit too high…

About Liviu Ionescu (ilg)
Hi! My name is Liviu Ionescu (ilg, ilegeul or eunete for colleagues and friends) and I’m a senior IT engineer. Or should I say a real programmer?

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