OS X: How to run a program with a specific PATH?

One of challenges many developers face is to be able to maintain different (old) products, built with various versions of the development tools, some quite obsolete.

The right answer to this challenge is to have different virtual machines with the complete environment. Unfortunately, due to crazy licensing issues, currently running Mac OS X as a virtual guest on a Mac OS X host is not allowed (according to some rumours, Lion will change this).

The next choice is to keep multiple versions of the development tools installed in different folders, but in this case extra care should be taken to avoid messing the PATH.

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OS X: How to see hidden files in Open and Save dialogs?

Most of the time, hiding the system or configuration files is ok, it reduces the clutter and also the risk of inadvertently removing/changing them.

However, there are moments when we need to change, for example, the PATH, or some shell aliases, or some startup configurations. In other words, we need to edit such hidden files.

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