TG Pro – temperature monitoring utility

tg-pro-100After the video chip in my laptop died and the entire PCB had to be replaced, I became more sensitive to heating issues.

Since the best cure is prevention, I searched for a temperature monitoring program, and I found TG Pro from Tunabelly Software.

TG Pro installs as a menu bar animated icon, that displays the average temperature and fan speed:


Drop down menu

Clicking the menu expands a drop down menu with all possible temperatures in the system:


Fan control

TG Pro can override the default fan control logic, and either manually control each fan in the Mac, or define custom boost conditions:


In a normally functioning system, there should be no need to boost fans, the internal logic should be enough to keep the temperature within limits.


A wide range of notifications is available:



In ideal condition, such a program would not be necessary. However, in the real world, some places are more dusty than others, and fans efficiency is reduced.

If you start sensing the computer a bit hotter than usual, or you hear the fans as a bit noisier than usual, a temperature monitoring program becomes mandatory, otherwise continuous use of the computer at high temperatures might damage the storage or even the PCB itself.

How to get?

TG Pro is not on AppStore, but is available, inclusive for a free trial, directly from Tunabelly Software.


About Liviu Ionescu (ilg)
Hi! My name is Liviu Ionescu (ilg, ilegeul or eunete for colleagues and friends) and I’m a senior IT engineer. Or should I say a real programmer?

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