Preventive maintenance & thermal paste replacement

thermalThe recent experience with the MacBook Pro repair revealed a maintenance operation that I completely ignored up to now: periodic cleanup and thermal paste replacement.

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My backup Mac setup

My MacBook Pro recently died. It wasn’t a sudden death, since it started to exhibit video artefacts a few months ago.

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MacBook Pro video repair experience

contact_serviceAs everything else in this worlds, computers do not live forever, and even top brands like Apple experience hardware failures.

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iPod nano USB battery charger

No questions about this, Apple designs are remarkable. Their products look great, are easy to use, and generally work great. The price? Yes, the price is high, but not prohibitively high.

What makes me angry is how they try to monetize even on small details, sometimes by bending the standards.

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Apple Wireless Keyboard Battery Life?

Stories about short battery life of the Apple Wireless Keyboard were present for some time, and Apple provided a firmware upgrade that apparently fixed the problem.

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Apple SuperDrive fails to write DVD DL disks?

It looks like I’m a victim of some kind of CD/DVD curse. I encountered various problems when trying to burn CDs from the moment I bought my first (very expensive) CD writer. That’s why I’m very reticent when someone asks me to make a copy of some disk, and that’s no surprise I’m rarely burning disks.

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Adding a big HP ZR24w monitor to my Mac

HP ZR24wI recently decided to expand my PDF books library, so reading PDF books on my Mac became usual. And since most of these books have small fonts, the bigger the monitor the better.

This was the reason to finally upgrade my monitor, (an old Sony 18″, 1280×1024) to a larger and wider one.

After some thoroughly conducted research, I ordered the new HP ZR24w, a nice 24″ 1920×1200, IPS panel monitor.

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