Markdown – the future of writing on-line content

markdown-icon-whiteMarkdown is around since 2004, but it was GitHub that pushed it to a celebrity status.

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Open source solutions for online enterprise collaboration

One of the challenges when starting a new project, especially in the IT industry, is designing and implementing an efficient system for managing internal information and communication.

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eBooks: Preferred book formats in the digital era

It was in the mid 90s when I read a Gartner study that predicted the end of the photographic film era and the rapid shift to digital photography. By that time I was shooting dia slides, using a large SLR camera, and the strange idea that something digital will be able to replace film seemed quite remote. However, things accelerated, and, in 2000, I got my first digital camera.

Today, if someone would predict that in a few years the number of books distributed in digital format will exceed those printed (on dead trees!), I wouldn’t be that surprised.

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The Apple record and the end of an era

The recent Apple record of dethroning Microsoft in terms of market capitalisation, besides important financial aspects, also has an exceptional symbolic value: it can be considered the official end of an era: the end of the PC era.

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