OS X: Install package with administrative rights

There are some packages that can be properly installed only with administrative rights. If you are like me, and run your account with regular rights, you might face some installation failures with poorly build packages.

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OS X: How to backup the Mac OS X Install DVD?

ToastI recently decided to make some Mac OS X installation tests, and, to avoid destroying the original Apple Install DVDs, I thought it would be great to first make some backups of the disks.

And so I discovered the intricacies of the Apple hybrid disks…

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Installing SVN support to Eclipse 3.5 Galileo

SubversiveOne of the things I miss in Eclipse is the integrated full SVN support. This is currently work in progress, and in Eclipse 3.5 Galileo, the SVN plug-in reached the status of incubation (Subversive – SVN Team Provider); the main classes are already integrated into Eclipse as optional features; the Connectors are currently developed by Polarion, and require separate installation.

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