OS X: Time Machine backup after hardware repairs

TimeMachineCourtesy of Apple, my laptop suffered a brain surgery, and the main board was replaced. Now it is almost as good as new, but since it still has a history, I would like to preserve it.

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My backup Mac setup

My MacBook Pro recently died. It wasn’t a sudden death, since it started to exhibit video artefacts a few months ago.

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OS X: How to install EAGLE as a non-administrator user

There are few EDA programs that run on Mac OS X. One of them is CadSoft EAGLE PCB & Schematic software (v5), but unfortunately the integration with Mac OS X is minimal.

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OS X: Install package with administrative rights

There are some packages that can be properly installed only with administrative rights. If you are like me, and run your account with regular rights, you might face some installation failures with poorly build packages.

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OS X: Startup key combinations

There are moments when even Mac OS X has problems and needs to be started in special configurations.

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Adding a Logitech webcam to my Mac

Since my experience with Macs is improving steadily, I decided to go further and migrate my Skype account from Windows to my Mac Mini.

For this I needed a good microphone and eventually a Web camera. After a short research, I ordered the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac.

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Apple Romanian keyboard layout for Windows running on Mac

I recently evaluated the status of Romanian language support on various platforms and I decided that now it is reasonable to start using Romanian extensively, including on Web pages, eMail, etc.

There are still compatibility problems with some old devices (like mobile phones), or some XP fonts (that do not look great), but on modern platforms like Windows 7 and Mac OS X, the problems were already solved.

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