OS X: How to disable Acrobat as the Safari PDF viewer

Soon after switching to Mac I discovered that one of the myths that I lived with for many years, i.e. that Adobe Acrobat Reader is mandatory in order to view PDF documents, is no longer true.

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eBooks: Preferred book formats in the digital era

It was in the mid 90s when I read a Gartner study that predicted the end of the photographic film era and the rapid shift to digital photography. By that time I was shooting dia slides, using a large SLR camera, and the strange idea that something digital will be able to replace film seemed quite remote. However, things accelerated, and, in 2000, I got my first digital camera.

Today, if someone would predict that in a few years the number of books distributed in digital format will exceed those printed (on dead trees!), I wouldn’t be that surprised.

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