Editing Windows custom keyboard layouts

My struggle with custom keyboard layouts dates back to the old CP/M days, whose support for localised keyboards was not even planned. When Windows first added support for local languages (was it Windows 95?) I thought the fight was over, but unfortunately it wasn’t so, and soon I had to edit the binary layout file to make it fit my needs.

Now, many years later, I faced once again the need to customise the Windows keyboard to match my new localised keyboard, and, to my surprise, Microsoft support made things a lot easier.

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Migrated from Google Blogger to WordPress!

Welcome to the new look of my geek blog!

I migrated it from Google Blogger.com to WordPress.com. Although this is my second blog migrated (the first one was Liviu’s Personal Blog), I’m still impressed when discovering all my previous content successfully imported.

Migrating my picture libraries from iView/Expression Media to Lightroom

My experience with picture libraries is a long and painfull one. The enlightening moment was in mid 2008 when I discovered “The DAM Book – Digital Asset Management for Photographers“, now in it’s second edition. Based on book recommandations and personal evaluations, I started to use iView/Expression Media, running on Windows.

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