The first traces of my interest in computers can probably be identified in some interest in electronics, encouraged by my physics teacher during the 7th and 8th grade. The second mentor was an uncle, specialist and manager in a leading automation center.

The Computer Science Math-Physics High School No. 1, or “The Punched Card Era”

It was in 1976, and at that time the Math-Physics High School was the only one specialised in computer science.

Mainframes ruled the world, IBM-360 being the king. Behind the Iron Curtain, IBMs were not common. Based on the traditional friendship with the French people, Romania built a mainframe named Felix-C, having 32-512 KB of memory (the original was called Iris-80).

Computers were rare, being located in special data centres; communication with them was possible via punched cards and long listings, and computing time was very expensive.

Durring the first year, by a great chance, our class was scheduled to do a 2 weeks practical training at one of the best equipped data centres, owned by the National Chemical Research Institute, leaded by Elena Ceaușescu, the dictator’s wife.

… Fortran, Cobol, Asiris … Siris Disassembler

The Computer Science Faculty at the Bucharest Politechnical Institute, or “The Personal Microcomputer Era”


… i8080, CP/M-80, C

… Optimised C Compiler code generator for 8080

The Computer Science Research Institute, or “The UNIX Era”


… contributions to the x86 C compiler for the Romanian UNIX port

… port of the UNIX C compiler to Motorola 68000 architecture, port of all utilities, work on the kernel.

… Augat board with 68010, CP/M-68K

… Z80 multitasking scheduler for a telex machine

The Austrian Experience


UNIX Consulting


The EUnet Romania Era

1992-2001 Consulting







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